National Insurance Marketing Services Inc.

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National Insurance Marketing Services Inc., an independent Health, Life and Long Term Care Agent and Consultant is committed to safeguarding the confidential information of its clients. We hold all personal information provided to our company and our affiliates in the strictest confidence  These records include all personal information we collect from you in connection with any of the services we provide through National Insurance Marketing Services Inc.  We have never disclosed information to none affiliated third parties as permitted by law and do not anticipate doing so in the future.  If we were to anticipate a change in company policy we would be prohibited under the law from doing so without advising you first.  As you know we use personal, health and financial information that you provide to us to help you meet your personal financial goals while guarding against any real or perceived infringment of your rights of privacy.  Our policy with respect to personal information about you is listed below.

 We limit employee and agent  access to information only to those who have a business or professional reason for knowing, and only to non-affiliated parties as permitted by law and is necessary to provide the services to you have asked us to provide.  (For example, federal regulations permit us to share a limited amount of information about you with a Life or health Insurance provider in order to obtain insurance coverage on your behalf or so that our company can discuss your financial situation with youraccountant or attorney.






On behalf of National Insurance Marketing Services Inc. we thank you for your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.  Any questions about Privacy issues may be directed to our corporate office.